Friday, November 2, 2007

Awareness about thePre-conception & Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques ( Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994.

Prohibition of the misuse of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for determination of sex of foetus, leading to female foesticide:, to stop all these wrong practice - there is a law in India & we must know female foesticide is a crime & let us comes forward to save female child.................

The Child Labour in India.

Child Labour is a crime <> but you can find childrens as a domestic servants, let us do something for their welfare, education, health............. employment.

The punishments under the Prevention of cruelty to animals act, 1960 is justified or not.

Yes, the punishment under the P.C.A ACT, 1960 <> is very minor & it needs amendments, offence under section 11 partly & section 12 of this act are the cognizable where as the punishment for crime under section 11 is nothing but the mandatory provisions under section 12 & 29 forfeiting the animals are not applied yet, please just think about ............